thank, colaboration please



Dear and estimated companions:

ASHEF is pleased to announce that after two years of difficult search;

Finally we have found a company that has adjusted to the maximum our budget  for the sanitation of the outer cover of the warehouse.

This company has agreed to finalize the work, although adjusting to our available budget, it still rest to pay part of the work. Thank you very much!

WE THANK again all the people who in their day made the collection possible for this purpose on the Namlebee platform. Thank you very much!

WE MAKE A CALL for those who want and can cooperate with their grain of sand to liquidate what we need to add to pay for the total budget of the work.

You can enter any amount from any country to the Association’s account number; FIARE BANCA ÉTICA: ES 96 1550 0001 2600 0180 0226

Due to different adverse circumstances that this project has suffered and the current weather conditions; we still have not been able to start the self-management activities and that’s why we need your cooperation to finalize the only concept for which we have requested financial support: the cleaning of the warehouse cover.

At this time we have temporarily halted the work because of the great snowfall that has even left us isolated.

Very soon we continue and when it is finished; we’ll keep informing and share photos of the entire process as well. Remember you can contact us anytime in this blog as well as calling: 669150865

Again; THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Enjoy the photos of the work we’re very happy and proud of. See you soon!



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